Our Mission

We are a community dedicated to exploring the many facets of love, dating, relationships, and personal development. Our founder, Sam Holmes, is an experienced relationship counsellor with a psychology degree practicing in London, England.

In addition to his professional expertise, Sam brings a wealth of personal experience to the table. Like many of us, he has faced challenges and hardships that have tested his resilience and strength. But through his struggles, he has also found the power of self-growth and self-improvement. He has learned the importance of cultivating healthy relationships and finding happiness within himself.

In his work as a relationship counsellor, Sam has seen firsthand the transformative power of the right guidance and support. Motivated by his own experiences and a desire to help others, he founded this website as a way to share his insights and offer a supportive space for others to learn and grow. He believes that we are all capable of creating the lives we want and that everybody deserves to be happy.

When he's not helping others, Sam can often be found rubbing the belly of his beloved cat, Ozzy, or exploring the vibrant city of London.

We hope that by sharing our stories and offering practical advice, we can help you on your own journey towards love, happiness, and personal fulfilment. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to supporting you on your path.

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