What Does STBXH Mean?

Divorce is a sticky situation for all parties involved. However, the divorce process comes with a lot of terms, rules, and paperwork to figure out. This can cause anxiety and take a toll on a person's mental health when the thought of divorce proceedings is stressful in and of itself.

Although a family law attorney can help you work through paperwork and requirements, understanding divorce acronyms and shorthand requires some research on your own part. Luckily, answering the question, "What does STBXH mean?" isn't as difficult as one may think.

Plus, there's loads of other divorce jargon to understand. Here's what this article covers:

STBXH Defined

STBXH is an acronym for "soon-to-be ex-husband."

Couples most commonly use the term after the divorce process has started. The wording "soon-to-be" indicates that the end of the marriage is imminent but not yet fully dissolved. You can use the term when you are in the early stages of divorce or even when you've reached a divorce settlement and are simply waiting on the court's approval.

Some people will also use the acronym STBXH if they entered separation but have not yet gone through formal divorce proceedings.

However, it is important to note that this title doesn't indicate that you can move on to a new relationship. You may want to learn how to fight for your marriage when separated, or you may feel like it's time to move on.

Until a divorce is finalized and signed off on by both spouses and all legal parties required to sign by law, you are still married. This means that pursuing new relationships during this "soon-to-be" phase is still considered adultery and could entitle your spouse to change their stance on the divorce settlement.

Where Do People Use The Term STBXH?

The term STBXH isn't legal jargon or a term used in family court. Instead, it is slang used by modern society, particularly on the internet. People often use the term on social media or online forums like Reddit.

People also use the term in text message exchanges with friends and family but not in emails or phone conversations with their divorce attorneys.

Luckily, the term STBXH isn't derogatory or insulting in any way. If your soon-to-be former spouse sees you use it, they probably will not feel offended or want to start a fight.

Is STBX Interchangeable With STBXH?

STBXH isn't the only acronym people use to refer to their spouse during a divorce.

The "H" does provide context for people who jump into the conversation, but it isn't necessary beyond informational purposes that may require you to designate the gender of your soon-to-be ex-partner.

The term STBX is a genderless acronym that simply stands for "soon-to-be ex." It could be used for a husband, wife, or non-binary individual who is going through a divorce.

It is a great way to keep things neutral, especially if you are discussing your divorce process with others through online forums and are worried about the negative feelings that may erupt if your STBX finds your conversations.

If you are divorcing a woman because your wife slept with someone else while separated, you can also use the term STBXW, which simply means "soon-to-be ex-wife."

Other Acronyms and Abbreviations Used During Divorce

If you engage in conversations online with other divorcees, you will probably notice that STBXH isn’t the only shorthand people use. There are many slang terms and acronyms that have become commonplace in divorce discussions.

Some of these terms include:

  • ACOD: adult children of divorce
  • AP: affair partner
  • COD: child of divorce
  • CPS: child protective services
  • CS: child support
  • DD: darling daughter
  • DOM: date of marriage
  • DOS: date of separation
  • DS: darling son
  • DV: domestic violence
  • DVTRO: Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order
  • FCS: Family Court Services
  • Himbo: a husband you must take care of
  • HOH: head of household
  • Man-child: a husband who makes you feel more like a mother than a spouse
  • MSA – marital settlement agreement
  • OM: other man
  • OOP: order of protection
  • OW: other woman
  • PT: parenting time
  • RFO: request for orders
  • SAD: Schedule of Assets & Debts
  • SP: Separate Property
  • Wasband: a former husband
  • X-hale – the sigh of relief you experience after a difficult moment in your divorce case

Other Tips to Help With Divorce

Understanding acronyms and abbreviations is only half the battle when you are separating from your former spouse.

If you want to make sure you are fully prepared to handle anything your STBXH can throw at you, you may need some additional tidbits of advice that can help you deal with divorce.

First and foremost, you will want to watch what you discuss about your divorce with others, especially through online forums and other public settings. Sometimes what seems like a "private conversation" can actually turn into something that can be used against you in your divorce proceedings.

Also, understand that both you and your STBX will likely experience intense emotions throughout your divorce case. This can make both people do silly things, both online and in person. Just remember to remain calm and ignore as much as you can about what your STBXH may say about you during this trying time.

Of course, the last thing you want to do at any point during the divorce is make threats or severely insult your soon-to-be ex. You don't want to see rumors that you cheated, so you should show the same courtesy to your STBXH. Although making jokes or defaming their character may feel good in the moment, it can create lots of issues in the long term.

Any married couple would struggle if their marriage came to an end. At the end of the day, you can't control a lot of what goes on and must leave it up to the judge to make the final decision.

Hopefully, though, understanding what STBXH and other acronyms mean can help you out so you can worry about your biggest concerns, like getting through your difficult divorce and coming out the other side stronger and ready to move forward.

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