Why Your Husband Looks At Other Females Online

Is your husband looking at other women online? Thoughts that he doesn't see you as the beautiful, attractive woman he vowed to love might be troubling you. Your natural instincts might even be telling you that he's cheating.

"He's just looking," one might argue. However, there are several reasons why such a seemingly small thing can cause problems.

Things to know

  • Looking at other females online can be a cause for concern because it kills the trust between you, can be considered a form of infidelity, and negatively affects intimacy.
  • There are several reasons why your husband might look at other females online, such as addiction, dissatisfaction in the relationship, curiosity, or seeking an escape.
  • His behavior can negatively affect your self-esteem, mental and physical health, and can also lead to a decrease in sexual and emotional intimacy in the relationship. It's adisable to get to the bottom of it, and determine your next steps.

Here's what we'll be looking at:

Why It's Such A Big Deal

Is your husband looking at other females online truly a cause for concern? Let's take a look at why it's such a big deal:

It kills the trust between you

Keeping secrets and sneaking around spells trouble for a committed relationship. Realizing that your husband is hiding things from you will shake the confidence you have in your relationship.

A healthy relationship depends on trust; without it, intimacy is threatened, and a toxic environment is inevitable.

It's a form of infidelity

Infidelity is the act of engaging in sexual or emotional intimacy with someone other than one's spouse or romantic partner.

With increased internet and social media use, this definition now covers online activities that violate marital trust.

A study found that the major contributors to divorce were a lack of commitment, infidelity, and conflict — with infidelity being identified as a common 'final straw.'

It negatively affects intimacy

If you've noticed that the quality of your sex life has decreased with your husband's habit, you're not imagining things. Porn use by one partner results in far less sex and greater levels of relationship dissatisfaction.

It's not only your sexual connection that's at risk: emotional detachment is another downside of frequent porn use. A strong emotional connection leads to a more meaningful romantic relationship. It's also the number one contributor to sexual fulfillment.

It affects how you see yourself

Simply knowing that your husband is spending his time viewing other females online can negatively affect your self-esteem and confidence.

You might compare yourself to these beautiful women and feel like you can't compete. You might even start to doubt yourself. Many women in similar situations have reported feeling undesirable or unworthy.

Instead of feeling loved and valued for who you are, you may start to feel neglected and disrespected. Your marriage might cease to feel like a safe place. Plus, all the stress and emotional turmoil is likely to affect your mental and physical health.

Why My Husband Looks At Other Females Online

What would drive a married man to look up other females online? Why would he feel the need to flirt with different women on social media platforms or even on dating apps? Well, it could be that:

He has an addiction

If his search history is full of links from porn sites and if he's constantly looking up porn stars, he might have a porn addiction.

While some couples successfully use porn to spice up their sex lives, overwhelming research shows that porn use can lead to poor relationship outcomes.

Excessive porn use has been linked to lower levels of sexual satisfaction. This is because porn often distorts one's perception of sex, leading to unrealistic expectations.

Eventually, porn addiction chips away at a relationship's trust foundation and kills sexual intimacy. This is why porn use is often flagged as a leading contributor to divorce.

He’s unhappy

There's a possibility that your husband might be feeling dissatisfied. Looking at other women online is hardly the best way to deal with any real or perceived issues between you. Although research confirms that a lack of both physical and emotional intimacy can lead to infidelity, this doesn't excuse his behavior.

He's curious

There are now more ways than ever to explore one's sexuality online. Your husband might be using the internet to explore all the fantasies he isn't comfortable sharing with you. He might be fulfilling his need for visual stimulation by looking at pictures of women online.

It's easier

Real relationships take effort and intentionality. Cyber relationships are based on fantasy and aren't that difficult to maintain.

In a real relationship, partners must compromise and be mindful of each other's needs. But, in an online 'relationship,' he can dictate the terms of engagement and interact with as many sexy women as he wants.

Staring at a naked woman online is certainly less hassle than going out there and having an affair with one in real life.

It's less risky

His wandering eye indicates that he's seeking novelty in a way that he perceives as harmless. Online activities are often perceived as less risky because of factors like anonymity.

He wouldn't ogle a woman in your presence, but if he's doing it online, it isn't a big deal, right? Well, not really, but that's how he rationalizes it.

Now, if he's doing more than just looking, i.e., going on dating sites or sending women flirty text messages, he's going down a very slippery slope. What started as curiosity or "harmless" browsing could escalate into an actual affair.

He's using it as an escape

He might be having a difficult time and looking for a way to escape the monotony of everyday life.

The ease of creating a fake online persona means he can be whoever he wants to be without the risk of being caught.

Having access to women he wouldn't normally interact with also adds to the escapism aspect.

He doesn't see it as cheating

In committed relationships, people have different views on what constitutes cheating. These differences are often gender-specific. For example, women are more likely to feel betrayed by online infidelity, while men tend to be concerned about real-life encounters.

Differences also tend to be based on societal norms. Sexual exploration in men isn't frowned upon, and porn use isn't necessarily considered taboo.

If you've never discussed what constitutes cheating, your husband may actually hold some of the above views. He might assume that he's not being unfaithful because no physical contact or actual sex is going on.

Signs My Husband Wants Another Woman

Looking at other women online does not necessarily point to cheating. But, if you notice the following behaviors along with his new habit, he might have his sights set on another woman:

He's always working

Working till the wee hours of the morning or suddenly needing to go on business trips could be cover stories for spending time with another woman. Granted, he might just have a demanding career, but if he's behaving strangely, there's definitely more to it.

He's spending more money

While weird purchases and charges at hotels or restaurants were the key things to look for if one suspected infidelity, the internet has opened up a world of low-cost ways to cheat.

If you haven't come across any large or inexplicable expenses, look out for small recurring charges. He might be subscribed to multiple porn sites. He might even be paying for live sex chat services with younger women.

He's being secretive

If he doesn't confide in you or tell you much about work or his social life anymore, he might be sharing these things with another woman. Similarly, if his phone never leaves his sight anymore or if he's suddenly very secretive about texts and calls, he's hiding something.

He's emotionally unavailable

A shaky relationship is usually marked by emotional distance. If your husband is reluctant to connect with you emotionally, he might be having an affair. Keeping his distance could be his way of keeping feelings of guilt or shame at bay.

He's suddenly more affectionate

Behavior changes are the most obvious signs of infidelity. Has your husband suddenly become more affectionate, eager to help, or generous with gifts? He might be struggling with a guilty conscience — especially if this sudden shift is coupled with evasiveness and other behaviors that simply don't add up.

He's preoccupied with his appearance

Is your husband suddenly preoccupied with his appearance? Updates to his style, paying extra attention to his grooming, and even working out more could be signs that he's trying hard to impress someone. If his body language is negative and he's bent on avoiding you, that someone isn't you.

He's accusing you of cheating

Shifting blame is a strategy unfaithful partners use to deal with guilt. Accusing you of cheating is a great way to deflect from his sketchy behavior. While you're busy trying to convince him of your innocence, he's using all that as justification for pulling away.

He's overly interested in your schedule

Is he overly interested in when you're going out with your friends or when you're going to that yoga class you've been raving about? If he's grilling you about specific dates and times, he’s trying to figure out your movements. Suddenly wanting to keep tabs on you might be a way for him to sneak around unnoticed.

What Should I Do If My Husband Looks At Other Females Online?

While it’s concerning and hurtful that your husband would look at other women online, don’t rush to assume that he's cheating or wants to cheat on you. The best thing to do is address it healthily. Burying it and allowing your feelings to fester will only lead to resentment and tension.

Get your facts straight

Is this an isolated event? If this is the first and only time you've caught him looking at other women online, it might be a random occurrence. Mindlessly scrolling through social media may have led him down a rabbit hole.

Have you noticed a pattern of behavior? If you've been monitoring the situation and you’ve established that this has become a habit, it’s best to bring it up and resolve the issue.

Fixating on a female friend differs from looking at random pictures of women. If your husband looks at images of a particular woman, this could point to more than just innocent browsing. If it’s a woman he works with, it might be deeper than sexual attraction. Either way, he's slowly reaching the point of no return.

Reflect on your feelings

It's important to reflect on exactly how your husband's behavior makes you feel. While it's good to consult various sources to gain perspective, honoring your feelings is crucial.

To some, this might be considered normal male behavior or 'human nature.' However, if him looking at women online is causing you distress and if you think it's a form of infidelity, acknowledge that your feelings are valid. The next step is to address the issue with your husband before things spiral out of control.

Bring up your concerns

Once you've acknowledged your feelings, you should have a civil conversation with your husband about your concerns. Remember, the goal is to have a constructive discussion.

So, try not to lead with statements that immediately get him on the defensive. Sticking to "I" statements might be a better approach to the subject.

For instance, you might say, "I feel like you don't value me when you look at other women online," or "It makes me feel like I'm not attractive to you anymore when you look at other women online."

Leading with "I" statements makes him aware of how his actions are affecting you. He's also less likely to feel attacked. He's also more likely to engage in an open and honest conversation with you.

Be prepared to listen

Once you’ve brought up your concerns, you’ve got to be willing to hear him out. If he responds with genuine understanding and remorse, give him the opportunity to change his behavior.

You'll need to have firm boundaries and clear consequences in place to keep him accountable. If he's struggling with an addiction, you'll need to be patient and supportive while he seeks help.

If he invalidates or dismisses you, this points to a more significant problem within your relationship. Accusatory responses along the lines of "don't you trust me" or "it's a normal thing" are attempts to deflect from his actions. They may even be considered a form of gaslighting.

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Seek professional help

Sometimes an objective perspective is what you need to resolve your issues. If you’re not getting anywhere, or if every conversation escalates into a heated argument, consider speaking to a relationship expert or couple’s therapist.

When It's Time To Let Go

If you've exhausted every avenue and there's just no improvement in sight, you might need to make some difficult decisions. Divorce might be the best choice for you if the situation has spiraled into domestic violence or if your husband has an addiction that is putting your life at risk.

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