5 Steps: How to Make Him Want You Badly Again

After countless misunderstandings and heated arguments, you and your boyfriend decide it's time to call it quits. One day you're good, ready to move on then one random day, you're filled with a wave of emotions. You've found yourself missing him, the way he smiles and how he makes you feel, so you've decided to get your man back.

It's completely normal after separation, to realize that you made a huge mistake and you want to reconcile with your partner.

In relationships, we break up with our partners for different reasons. Sometimes it's because we realize we are incompatible as a couple, and other times it may be because of an argument or situation that we simply cannot move past.

In most cases, we can accept that the relationship is over and move on, but sometimes we regret our decisions and want to find a way to fix our mistakes.

If you miss your ex-boyfriend and want him back, here are 5 ways to make him crazy for you again.

Firstly, it is very important to assess your long-term relationship. Yes, you miss him, you miss all the great memories you've made together but you need to introspect on how and why you ended the relationship. Is it something that can be fixed? If you were to reconcile, will you truly be happy?

If yes, be realistic - you know your partner better than anyone. Is he someone that forgives? Will he be willing to put in the work to fix the relationship just as much as you are?

It's important to sit down and honestly answer these questions as they can help you realize if you should move on and start your healing process or if you should give that relationship one last try.

1. Introspection

For you and your partner to choose breaking up, it means that there were issues in your relationship and you may have tried to find solutions but ultimately failed. Understand the reason for your breakup. Maybe you're in a long-distance relationship and hardly have time for one another or you haven't been communicating as you used to.

Whatever the reason for the break up is, you need to fully understand it so you can find a solution. Understand your weaknesses as well as your partners. Knowing the true problem and your weaknesses will help you know what to improve and how to improve.

For example, if the issue in the relationship is that you are both long-distance, try to schedule a meet-up every 2 weeks if possible. Try calling or video calling daily, at least 30 minutes to an hour.

This way you can spend some time together, catch up on how your days have been, and so on. It is important to realize that whatever issue you have, you must actively do the work to save the relationship. Doing the work to fix and rebuild your relationship will ensure a healthy relationship.

2. Give Him Space

As much as you miss him and want to fix things, enforcing the no-contact rule is important after the breakup. Give him a chance to miss you - constantly texting him, calling him, or showing up at his place will not make him want you back. Instead, it will mostly annoy him and make him block you.

Going with no contact means that you don't call or text him at all. Continue as though you don't have his number. It is also wise to unfollow or mute him on social media. Constantly seeing his posts and interactions, can trigger you and delay your healing process. Not communicating with him after the breakup, leads to him wanting to reach out first. While you are in your no-contact phase, focusing on yourself and your healing is important.

But, before you do that, send him one last text message. Apologize for handling things poorly and promise to give him space from now on. Mention how you’ve realized that ending things was for the best. Then, add in how great things are going for you now. He’ll be so floored by your sudden change of heart that he might just start to miss you.

3. Focus on yourself

Although you are trying to reconcile with your partner, you need to acknowledge that you are broken up. You should still focus on healing and on bettering yourself. It's time to start rebuilding yourself and your self-esteem.

Yes, getting a makeover might make him sit up and take notice of you, but if you want him to be excited about getting you back, you’ve got to show him you’ve worked on yourself.

Maybe to save your relationship or make your partner happy, you may have changed who you are or your beliefs. It happens to the best of us, so now you must work on returning to yourself. Who you are, your beliefs, and what truly makes you happy. Doing activities like going back to the gym or walks on the beach can help you get back to your inner self.

It is very important to also take care of your mental health - practice journaling how you feel. If you can afford a therapist, it is advised that you see one. Seek help for any of the issues that might have caused your relationship to break down and also for any personal issues that you may have.

Taking care of yourself after a breakup is hard work, it requires you to work through your feelings, the good and bad. This will not only help you heal and improve yourself but also will help you when entering into your next relationship.

4. Live Your Life

As discussed, focusing on yourself and doing things that make you happy is very important. Start by spending more time with your family members. Call your friends and plan a girl's night, whether it's a movie date or dinner date, go do something that you will enjoy and that will remind you that life is worth living.

Socializing will not only encourage you to move on with your life but will also be a great distraction from the pain you may still be feeling.

If they see that you are living your life and moving on with your life may also encourage them to come back, as they can see you are working on yourself and getting better.

5. Make Him Jealous

If all else fails, make him jealous. You might not be guaranteed to get him back, but he will text you with the hopes of figuring out what is going on in your life. From there, you have the platform to find out how he's been and gauge if he would want to fix things between you two.

Get on social media and post a status to let him see you aren’t taking the breakup badly. Keep your posts positive, and try to highlight all the awesome things you’re doing without him. Make it seem like you are making new friends and moving on. His jealousy might cause him to want you back.

A quick way to make him jealous is by posting a status with another guy! Don't overdo it by posting multiple stories with the same guy or different guys but just one story that could leave him guessing whether or not you have moved on.

Try not to post continuously on social media, especially if you didn’t do that while you were in the relationship. Because the more often he sees your new posts and messages, the less he’ll miss you.

Final Thoughts

Putting yourself first and prioritizing your happiness and well-being is crucial after a breakup. Engaging in self-care activities like going to the gym, taking care of your mental health, and rediscovering who you are as an individual should be done for your personal growth.

It's important not to base your self-improvement solely on the desire to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend or seek a new relationship. Remember that while you may not be able to win him back, your well-being and happiness are still within your control. Focus on taking care of yourself, and remember that you will be okay, regardless of the outcome.

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