Making Him Obsessed With You All Over Again

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. A long-term relationship can tend to lose its spark. We get so caught up in our lives, busy work schedules, family commitments, and so on, that we may forget to make an extra effort in our romantic relationships.

It's always important that you try to continue to grow the spark in your relationship. Doing activities that you both enjoy and that will constantly make you feel connected is highly advised.

You've noticed that your relationship has fallen into a bit of a slum... It's the same old routine - work, home, dinner, bed. Your partner loves you, yes and you love him more than words could describe, but you just want him to desire you a little more, for him to obsess over you, once again.

Things to know

  • Communication is key to maintaining a healthy relationship. Be true to yourself and express your thoughts and feelings without fear.
  • Recreate favorite dates, try a new look, and consider incorporating some playful elements like sexy lingerie to reignite the spark and make him feel desired.
  • Prioritize self-care and confidence to keep him attracted to you

Well fear not, we've got all the tips to grab your guy's attention and make him go loco over you, again and again.

Head Over Heels

They say that a man should always be more in love with you than you are with him. That way, your relationship is bound to last longer. Agree? I am not sure about that one, but I know that when a man wants you more, he tends to be more committed to your relationship and would do anything to make the relationship last.

The first step is to remember that every relationship is different. You and your partner have different interests and likes which make your relationship work. You know the main reasons you are together and what he loves about you and your relationship.

These tips are sure to put you on the right track, to happiness with your partner.

For You

Take Care Of Yourself

This tip is not only for your partner but should be important for your own sake. As a woman, it is important to take care of yourself. You don't necessarily have to go to the gym and be skinny, but make sure you take care of your appearance. Wear clothes that you feel confident in - confidence is key.

If you feel good wearing a certain outfit, it'll show. A confident and good-looking woman is very hard to miss. You'll have him staring at you, after all, beautiful girls are every guy’s weakness.


As we previously mentioned, a confident woman is very hard to miss. When they walk into a room, all eyes are on them. Confidence is attractive to men.

Confidence is essential in romantic relationships, just as it is in friendships. When you lack confidence in a romantic relationship, you may feel compelled to change yourself to fit the expectations of your partner. This can lead to compromising your values.

Maybe lately you've become a yes-man in the relationship. You don't want to upset your partner by saying no or disagreeing with his views. He could find this boring as he wants you to be free to express yourself and be confident to speak up when unhappy.

You should never compromise your values and beliefs. Being able to speak about your likes and dislikes, without worrying about how your partner will take it, is also a good sign of a healthy relationship.

You need to be able to build your self-esteem and communicate confidently by maintaining a professional and friendly demeanor and expressing your thoughts freely.

Be A Goal-Getter

Women with goals and that have ambition have characteristics of being strong and confident, which is what men tend to fall for. Your partner will most likely take more of an interest in you if you start to open up and show him your ambitious side.

Tell him about the plans you have of starting that 'food truck' or about how you want to become the managing director of your company within the next 3 years and how you plan to get there. One thing I can guarantee is that he'll be so pleased and excited to see this side of you. Who knows, he might support you to the extent of suggesting quicker and better ways in which you can acquire your dreams.

Be Subtle

As women, we tend to go above and beyond when we are in love and happy with our partners. We do anything and everything to make our spouses happy and at times, overextend ourselves too much. You need to remember that if you give too much, your partner will expect too much from you and if you fail, it will cause an issue in your relationship.

Yes, you want your partner to be happy but you should never try too much to get a man's attention. Expressing love in a relationship is important, but avoid excessive use of "I love you" or "I miss you" in every text message.  

I understand that some of us are naturally clingy and like expressing our feelings but you should maintain a balanced approach and avoid putting them on a pedestal or idolizing them. Show him that you love him in subtle ways.

Don't try too hard to impress him, as that won't necessarily make him crazy about you. Men think and act differently from the way we do. Sometimes, it's better to be subtle. Playing hard to get could intrigue him and leave him wanting more. Remember to find a balance: show support, but also allow him to pursue you.

Be Spontaneous

Routines can provide comfort and security in relationships. However, some couples manage to maintain a passionate connection similar to the honeymoon phase even after years together. Research suggests that their commitment to keeping things exciting plays a significant role.

Try sending a flirty text to your partner while they're at work, igniting anticipation until you see each other again. Plan a surprise romantic getaway to add spontaneity and excitement to your love life.

Break away from your usual date nights and opt for adventurous activities, as trying new things has been proven to bring couples closer. The rush of hormones during these experiences can trigger lasting romantic feelings.

For Him


Whether it be a romantic relationship, friendship, or family member, you should always treat people with respect. It is an important part of any relationship. Men crave being seen as leaders and having their ideas valued.

Showing genuine interest in their thoughts and feelings makes them feel respected. Taking the time to actively listen to him will make him feel deeply valued by you.

Men can easily feel belittled by women. Cheering on your man and expressing your belief in him is the easiest way to show him you respect him. When he feels supported by you, his confidence will soar, making him feel invincible. In turn, he should also support and cheer you on as a sign of respect.

Your communication with the men in your life, such as your boyfriend is very important. It's not just about what we say, but also how and when we say it. We need to remember that. It can either uplift or undermine them, provide encouragement, or provoke frustration. Certain actions can easily trigger a man's emotional responses.

Take Care Of Him

Just like anyone, men love being taken care of. Men also desire to be pampered and cared for by their partners. Men appreciate being treated with care and attention. They like to receive attention, care, and pampering.

Showing genuine respect for their well-being, kindness, and empathy is important to them. Contrary to popular belief, men have emotions too. You should him that you care about his feelings when you speak or act. Be there for him when has problems and needs some emotional intelligence.

There are different ways in which you can take care of your boyfriend,  depending on what he likes. If you are attentive and make an effort in your relationship, it shouldn't be hard to figure out how to make him happy. He might be someone who enjoys being cooked for or likes it when you buy him something new while you're out shopping.

Simple things will make him feel loved and taken care of and it's guaranteed that he'll be swooning over you.  When a man recognizes the little effort you invest in his happiness, it motivates him to reciprocate and do more for you.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

He was attracted to you from the beginning, he couldn't keep his hands off you. Chances are he still finds you incredibly beautiful. Bring back those memories and also create new ones by recreating favorite dates and trying a new look that will catch his eye. If you're feeling courageous, consider getting some sexy lingerie.

Final Thoughts

It's simple to rekindle the love of a man who has already fallen for you. Stay interested in your partner and continue doing the things that he loves about you and your relationship. By applying these tips along with other things he enjoys, you are guaranteed to make him crazy about you.

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