48 Latest Relationship Breakup Statistics [2023]

We all know that relationships can be complicated - and breakups even more so. If you've ever had a breakup (and statistically, you most likely have), then you'll know they come with many questions.

What's a normal way to break up? Does everyone feel like I do? Was my relationship statistically doomed from the start? And what does everyone really think about cheating?

It's so normal for you to be up in the air with confusion and questions after a breakup - after all, you've just reached the end of what was, most likely, an era!

Breakup statistics can help bring you back down to Earth. Evidently, many people have already gone through what you're currently feeling. Some of these breakup statistics might surprise you, and others won't - but a touch of objective truth in a world of ghosting and infidelity can clear the fog and stop you from feeling so alone.

Then, you can move through your feelings, as many others have done before you.

Breakups were challenging enough before the pandemic arrived. But now, we have Covid to thank for giving our relationships a whole new set of challenges. How exactly has the pandemic affected our relationships? Is everyone else feeling the effects like you are?

Things to know

  • Majority of Americans believe breaking up in person is necessary and many have experienced being dumped by a long-term partner. Women are more likely to initiate a breakup and breakups are often considered "dramatic/messy".
  • After a breakup, the average time to recover is 11 weeks and many are still in touch with their former partners or have gotten back together with them. A significant number of people believe no contact is the best way to deal with an ex.
  • The pandemic has affected relationships, with a rise in divorce agreements and stress in marriages. 20% of Americans have cheated on their partner, and most consider romantically kissing or sexting someone else to be cheating.

The following breakup statistics should shine some light on your many questions and give that bit of realism your post-breakup self needs.

Our latest 2023 statistics are broken down into the following categories:

Breakup Statistics

1) 88% of Americans believe it is always necessary to break up with someone in person. (Pew Research)[1]

2) 14% of Americans believe it is acceptable to break up with someone via social media, text, or email. (Pew Research) [1]

3) 75% of Americans have been dumped by a long-term partner. (YouGov)[2]

4) Relationships under five years old are more likely to fall apart than stay together. (Stanford University)[3]

5) Women are nearly twice as likely to initiate a breakup. (YouGov)[4]

6) 58% of Americans consider their breakups to be "dramatic/messy." (YouGov)[5]

7) 19% of Americans report they were ghosted at the end of a long-term relationship. (YouGov)[6]

8) 40% of US long-distance relationships will fall apart. (Poll Vaulter)[7]

9) The average relationship in the UK lasts for two years and nine months. (Statista)[8]

Post Breakup Statistics

10) On average, it takes 11 weeks to get over a breakup. (Taylor & Francis)[9]

11) 44% Of Americans say they have gotten back together with an ex-partner after breaking up. (YouGov)[10]

12) 43% of Americans report they are still in touch with a former partner. (YouGov)[2]

13) 37% of Americans believe 'no contact' is the best method of dealing with an ex-partner. (YouGov)[2]

14) 28% of Americans have gone through and read old texts and social media messages from an ex-partner. (YouGov)[11]

15) 15% of Americans strongly believe social media makes it harder to forget or ignore an ex. (YouGov)[11]

16) 4% of Americans report they look up their ex's social media profiles every day. (YouGov)[11]

17) 10% of Americans say they have committed vindictive or vengeful acts to an ex after breaking up. (YouGov)[2]

18) 46% of Americans agree they have a previous relationship they regret. (YouGov)[2]

Coronavirus Breakup Statistics

19) The number of couples, who were married for less than six months, purchasing divorce agreements nearly doubled in 2020 to 20% from 11% in 2019. (Legal Templates)[12]

20) 15% of respondents who reported a breakup during quarantine revealed they discovered unfavorable characteristics within their partner that led to the end of their relationship. (Dating.com)[13]

20) 37% of married men and women reported that the pandemic increased stress in their marriage. (American Family Survey)[14]

21) 31% of US citizens believe their marriage has been weaker since the pandemic. (American Family Survey)[14]

Cheating Partner Statistics

22) 20% Of Americans have cheated on their partner. (YouGov)[15]

23) 34% Of Americans have considered cheating on their partner. (YouGov)[15]

24) 57% Of Americans had the chance to cheat on their partner but turned it down. (YouGov)[15]

25) 48% Of Americans do not consider it cheating if you never agreed to be exclusive. (YouGov)[16]

26) 72% Of Americans consider romantically kissing someone else to be cheating. (YouGov)[15]

27) 67% Of Americans consider sexting someone else to be cheating. (YouGov)[15]

28) 47% Of American cheaters admit their infidelity to their partners within one week. (Health Testing Centers)[18]

29) 76% of American cheaters admitted their previous infidelities to new partners. (Health Testing Centers)[18]

30) 85% of American relationships won't survive after a partner has admitted to cheating. (Health Testing Centers)[18]

31) 72% of American cheaters regretted their infidelity. (Health Testing Centers)[18]

32) 60% of American males that cheat won't use a condom. (Health Testing Centers)[18]

33) 47% of Americans who contracted an STD while cheating will not tell their partner about it. (Health Testing Centers)[18]

34) 15% of Americans secretly read their partners' social media, texts, or emails every day. (YouGov)[11]

35) Infidelity for both men and women increases rapidly after 40. Men in their 70's report the highest infidelity rate at 26%. (IFS)[19]

36) The French are the most forgiving nation for extra-marital affairs, with only 44% saying it would be morally unacceptable. Turkey is the least forgiving with 94%. (Pew Research)[20]

Marriage Infidelity Statistics

37) 20% of American men reported having sex with someone other than their wife while married. (IFS)[19]

38) 13% of American women reported having sex with someone other than their husband while married. (IFS)[19]

39) 20% of British married adults admit to having had an extra-marital affair. (YouGov)[21]

40) 25% of American extra-marital affairs last less than a week. (WECT)[22]

41) 77% of marriages do not survive after one partner has admitted to cheating. (Health Testing Centers)[18]

42) 51% of Americans believe "prenups" are a good idea. (YouGov)[23]

Divorce Statistics

43) The average first marriage that ends in divorce lasts about eight years. (CDC)[24]

44) On average, it takes 18 months to get over a divorce. (Telegraph)[25]

45) The divorce rate for those younger than 50 is about twice as high as it is for adults 50 and older. (Pew Research)[26]

45) A five-year age gap means you’re 18% more likely to divorce, which rises to 39% for a 10-year age difference and 95% for a 20-year age gap. (SSRN)[27]

46) The divorce rate for adults that have remarried is double the rate of those who have only been married once. (Pew Research)[26]

47) 47% of Americans believe the kids are better off after a divorce than in an unhappy marriage. (YouGov)[28]

48) 28% of Americans believe divorces are too easy to obtain. (YouGov)[29]


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