Catch Flights, Not Feelings: The 7 Best Travel Destinations For Singles

People travel the world for all kinds of reasons.

Some want to meet different people. Others are looking to unwind and live the good life abroad. There are even food tourists who travel just to try international cuisine.

But have you ever jumped on the next flight at an airport to escape a broken heart?

If the answer is yes, then you’re part of a growing movement to catch flights, not feelings.

You’ve probably seen ‘catch flights not feelings’ on clothes, on blog posts, and all over social media. But what does the popular phrase actually mean?

Find out what ‘catch flights not feelings’ means, and get inspired by the best places to live the single life with your friends.

Things to know

  • The popular phrase "catch flights not feelings" is a celebration of being single, embracing independence and finding your own peace.
  • Traveling as a single person can help you find yourself, grow lifelong friendships and challenge yourself.
  • Some of the best destinations to "catch flights not feelings" are Bali, Indonesia, Italy and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Keen to learn more? Well, here's what we'll cover:

What Does Catch Flights Not Feelings Mean?

The catchy motto isn’t just for jilted lovers. It’s actually a celebration of being single.

‘Catch flights not feelings’ means embracing your independence and finding your own peace. In essence, it’s a call to set aside distractions and just do you.

Instead of wasting your time obsessing over short-lived flames, build lasting memories catching flights with your friends. Seize the freedom to go to new places and be yourself without answering to anyone else.

When you travel without worrying about your love life, you get to fully immerse yourself in the adventure. You’re getting a far better experience than you would if you were hung up on a guy.

Catching flights not feelings isn’t about running away from everyday life. It’s about building a new and improved version of yourself to bring home.

But how does traveling as a single person help you grow?

Why Catch Flights Not Feelings?

Travel couples are all the rage these days. It might feel like traveling with friends is a letdown compared to a romantic getaway. But there are actually loads of benefits to grabbing your suitcase while you’re single:

Find yourself

Stepping away from your everyday life shows you different sides of yourself that you might have forgotten while in a relationship. When you travel, you discover new interests and pet peeves, skills, and shortcomings and even have moments that surprise you.

Navigating a new environment teaches you which dreams to chase and which paths to leave behind. There’s no better way to learn who you are and what you want than getting on a plane.

Grow lifelong friendships

Whether you’re a solo flyer or hauling luggage with your best friends, nothing brings people together like traveling. When you spend that much time with someone, you can’t help but form a deeper bond.

If you’re traveling alone, connecting with solo backpackers can lead to amazing new friendships. And if you’re with a familiar group? You’ll deepen your relationship with the people who are worth investing in. You’ll never regret growing your friendships as a single person.

Challenge yourself

Figuring out a foreign destination can be scary. Things rarely go according to plan when you travel - there will always be bumps in the road and moments you want a refund.

But with every challenge you overcome, your confidence grows. You realize that you can face anything life throws your way. Travel can be difficult, but the positive results are well worth it.

7 Best Travel Destinations For Singles

Ready to go? Grab some friends and leave the drama behind. Here’s a list of the best destinations to catch flights, not feelings:


Bali, Indonesia, is a utopia for the peace-seeking traveler. If you’re single and trying to discover yourself, you need to jump on the next flight to this Asian island.

Immerse yourself in the lush tropics of Bali as you wade in clear aqua waters and climb Mount Batur at sunrise. Rent a private villa with friends and take in the Island of the Gods from your infinity pool. Spend a day in cultural hub Ubud and find inner peace with a meditative yoga session.

Bali is a healing oasis. When you don’t want to catch feelings, catch a flight to Indonesia instead. You’ll return home rejuvenated with a renewed sense of self.


Going to one of the most romantic countries in the world might not sound like the best idea when you’re trying not to catch feelings. But Italy is actually the ultimate destination for singles seeking a getaway.

Up for a wine tasting with friends? Head to the hills of Tuscany for a vineyard tour. More into chic city living? Fashion empire Milan or the classic capital Rome are just a train ride away. Want to savor handmade pasta from an oceanside cliff eatery? The Amalfi Coast is calling your name.

If you can handle access to the suave Italian men, this iconic nation has enough scenic spots to distract and delight for weeks at a time.

New Orleans

Home to Mardi Gras, beignets, and bourbon, the Birthplace of Jazz is a top bachelorette party destination for a reason. New Orleans, Louisiana, has so much happening that you won’t even have time to catch feelings.

Walk around the historic French Quarter and browse the artwork on display in Jackson Square. Feed your soul with Creole cuisine, then take the trolley to the Garden District. After dark, you can take a Jazz Cruise on the Mississippi River or hit the nightlife at Bourbon Street.

The rich Southern culture of NOLA is the perfect cure for broken hearts and bold single living.


Do beaches, jungles, and volcanoes sound like the ultimate girls’ trip to you? If you’re an adventurous type, then tropical Nicaragua is the place to go.

The tiny Central American country is jam-packed with outdoor activities for every budget. You can visit a luxury Caribbean resort and snorkel with sea turtles on Little Corn Island. Or head west and wander through the colorful colonial city of Granada.

The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes also has tons of surfing beaches, nature hikes, and even active volcano boarding. If you want to challenge yourself during your single season, then Nicaragua deserves a spot on your list.

Las Vegas

Feeling lucky? Las Vegas, Nevada, is one city that every free agent needs to visit at least once in their life.

Sin City is the best destination for a single looking for a distraction. Vegas is all about constant entertainment. Between casinos that never close, extravagant shows, and massive nightclubs, you won’t even have time to think about dating.

This city is ideal for groups, which means making more memories with the friends who matter and forgetting the exes who don’t.


When you go to Spain on a girls’ trip, try not to fall in love at baggage claim. The locals in this top singles destination are almost as stunning—and charming—as the scenery.

But if you’re trying to catch flights, not feelings, then why go where the beautiful people are?

Travel has a way of making you see things with fresh eyes. And if you're hung up on your ex, then there’s no better way to move on than by seeing the global marketplace.

The goal isn’t to find a hookup abroad. It’s to meet interesting new people who catch your eye and help you realize that there are so many more options out there than you think.

You don’t have to catch feelings while ziplining through the Asturian mountains or eating paella in Barcelona. But connecting with likable people other than your ex can be healing in itself.


Want to take your friends to the wild west? Austin, Texas, is a hot destination for bachelorettes looking to catch flights, not feelings—and it’s not just because the city is sunny year-round.

Austin is known for its creative culture and laid-back locals. Some say it’s the Live Music Capital of the World. With outdoor bars and breweries, natural springs and lakes, and lots of cowgirl boots, Austin is made for a fun girls’ trip.

But the best reason to target Texas in your flight search browser? The friendly vibe.

Aside from the drink selections, the people who “keep Austin weird” can show you a great time. Their confidence and fresh perspective on the world can’t help but translate into dating and relationships. You’ll walk away with unforgettable memories and a new sense of empowerment to be your authentic self.

Keep Catching Flights, Not Feelings

When you’re catching flights while single, there’s only one person you should hope to fall in love with: you. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have. You’re the one person you can never leave behind—wherever you go, there you are.

So instead of pining over temporary connections, or worrying that you'll be alone forever, invest your time in getting to know yourself.

Challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone and build your confidence. Bring friends on your flight, or even go as a solo traveler. Don’t be afraid to head for the airport all alone.

Guys come and go, but self-love lasts a lifetime. Catch flights, not feelings—your future self will thank you.

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