Platonic Soulmate: 15 Signs You've Found Yours

There’s a popular belief that soulmates are predestined lovers. However, soulmates aren’t always romantic partners. Sometimes deep and meaningful soulmate connections can take place within close friendships.

Romantic soulmates are great, but platonic soulmates are pretty amazing, too. Not only do they support your soul’s unique journey through time, but they also fill your days with positive energy and enrich your quality of life.

Do you have someone like that in your life? Here are a few ways to tell:

Things to know

  • You share a profound and inexplicable connection that's loving but not in a romantic or sexual way.
  • You understand each other so well that it feels like you’re connected at a soul level - you even get the feeling that you’ve known each other forever.
  • You help each other grow, and you treat each other with unwavering appreciation and respect.

Has this piqued your curiosity? The good news is there’s a lot more to explore. Here’s what we’ll be looking at:

Can Your Soulmate Be Just A Friend?

With soul mates so frequently associated with romantic relationships, you might wonder: can a soulmate be just a friend? Before we answer that question, let’s define what a soulmate is.

A soulmate is a person with whom you share a soul connection. A soul connection is a deep and significant bond that plays a vital role in your soul's temporary journey through each lifetime.

Not all soul connections are romantic soulmate connections. Companion soul mates are those connections that are meant to support and encourage you on your soul journey. Soulmate friends nourish and energize your soul, making them an essential part of your life.

Understanding The Platonic Soulmate Bond

If you share a soul connection with someone and love them, but not romantically or sexually, they’re a platonic soulmate. Platonic love describes a sense of deep affection that is neither sexual nor romantic.

In a platonic relationship, the focus isn't on satisfying each other's carnal needs but on meeting each other's needs for love, companionship, and meaningful connection. Because a platonic soulmate connection is forged at a soul level, it’s stronger and deeper than a typical friendship.

15 Signs You've Found Your Platonic Soulmate

Here are 15 signs you've found your platonic soulmate:

1. You feel like you’ve known each other forever

Think back to when you first met. Was there an instant connection? Did you feel a strong sense of recognition? Well, these are some of the strongest platonic soulmate signs.

If you feel like you’ve known each other for longer than you have, your connection probably spans multiple lifetimes. What you’re feeling is soul recognition and residual energy from your past lives together.

2. You just understand each other

From your quirky sense of humor to who you really are, your platonic soulmate will feel like the first person to truly ‘see’ you.

You'll share a deep understanding and appreciation of one another. So much so that you can be yourselves, and that is truly comforting. Often, your soulmate can always guess what you're going to say and how you're going to react. Sometimes, it feels like they can even read your mind!

3. You’re completely at ease with each other

While platonic friendships can often be awkward to navigate, platonic soulmate connections are effortless. Your deep connection allows you to get through even the most challenging situations with ease. Because you're completely comfortable with each other, open and honest communication isn’t a problem either.

4. They encourage you to be a better person

Our souls crave growth and new experiences, so soulmates are often tasked with teaching us things about ourselves.

Through their positive influence, platonic soulmates encourage us to become better versions of ourselves. We get to experience all the benefits of a deeply satisfying relationship.

The sense of security that comes with meaningful relationships boosts self-image, reduces stress levels, and improves overall well-being.

So, you'll know your connection is a soul connection when they challenge you and help you grow. This often looks like pushing you out of your comfort zone or introducing you to new perspectives.

5. You support each other no matter what

Platonic soulmates make great companions. They are with you for the long haul and help you achieve your purpose. The deep platonic love you share for each other makes for a mutually beneficial relationship that goes beyond the typical best-friend bond.

Your intentions are perfectly balanced: they’re here to help you on your journey, and you’re here to help them on theirs. So, no matter what, you always support each other.

6. You enjoy each other's company

If you're true soulmates, you'll find each other's company comfortable and uplifting. Your connection isn't superficial or centered around fun or exciting experiences only. Whether it's having deep conversations or simply soaking in each other's presence, you’ll enjoy spending time together.

7. Your relationship transcends time and distance

As platonic soulmate bonds tend to go beyond family love, they can endure years of separation and long periods without communication. No matter how long you haven’t seen or spoken to each other, you can pick up right where you left off.

8. You help each other learn and grow

Sometimes, soul connections meet in different lifetimes due to unresolved matters. If you've experienced immense personal growth through your friendship, chances are you're platonic soulmates who knew each other in a past life. That's not all: you're destined to teach each other valuable lessons in this life, too.

9. You met at just the right time

Looking back, did you meet at just the right time? Well, much like romantic soulmates, platonic soulmates tend to show up exactly when you need them. Whether it's helping you navigate a new chapter of your life or teaching you different things, they're always right on time.

10. You accept each other unconditionally

The mutual respect you share for each other allows you to enjoy the security of platonic intimacy. You can be your truest selves without fear of judgment or criticism.

Your deep soul connection allows you to accept each other's shortcomings. Even when you need to hold each other accountable, you don't make each other feel bad. Rather than tearing each other down, you support and guide each other.

11. You complement each other

Are they the order to your chaos? Do they help you come out of your shell with their outgoing personality? You'll know you've found your platonic soulmate if you complement each other perfectly.

In addition to bringing out the best in one another, your strengths and weaknesses balance each other out. And despite your differences, you relate to each other well and add value to each other's lives.

12. You have a lot in common

Being part of the same soul family means you get each other on a deeper level. You share a lot of similarities, and this helps strengthen your bond. Not only do your values and opinions line up, but you're usually in sync when it comes to simpler things, too. It's not unusual for you to share the same hobbies, tastes, and interests.

13. You're there for each other

Your friendship is marked by equal levels of emotional investment and dependability. You care about each other's mental health, and when you're going through trying times, you've got each other's backs.

Whether it's a late-night phone call or a shoulder to cry on after a bad breakup, you can rely on each other to be there. With such a close bond and deep friendship, it's no wonder they're your go-to person.

14. You're highly attuned to each other's feelings

Unlike twin flames, who are said to be able to communicate telepathically, your connection makes you more attuned to each other's feelings. You can always sense when your mate needs a pick-me-up, and they can always tell when you're struggling too.

You tend to be deeply affected by each other's emotions as well. So whether you're at your best or your worst, they're right there with you. The best part is they always know what you need. Be it alone time or a collection of your favorite snacks; they always get it right. You have no problems showing up for them in this manner, too.

15. You want them around forever

If you can’t picture your life without them, they’re your soulmate. Some soulmates are with us for only a brief period, while others stick with us for life, providing the comfort and security of meaningful companionship.

Fortunately, platonic soulmate connections belong to this group of lifelong soul connections. No matter how long a soulmate is with you, they are still an important part of your journey. Soul connections are a testament to the fact that the depth of a connection isn’t dependent on time.

Platonic Soulmate FAQs

Your most burning questions about platonic soulmates are answered here.

Can you be platonically in love with someone?

Yes, it's possible. Love exists in different forms, and platonic love refers to feelings of affection, interest, and gratitude for someone. Although these feelings can be intense, they are not romantic or sexual in nature.

What is platonic intimacy?

Platonic intimacy is feeling close and deeply connected to someone you care for in a platonic way. Sex is one form of intimacy, but it's not the only one. Emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and experiential intimacy are also forms of intimacy, and possible to experience them with a platonic soulmate.

How many platonic soulmates can you have?

Being in a romantic relationship with your true soulmate usually implies exclusivity. But you can have more than one platonic soulmate. You can also meet them at any point in your life.

It doesn’t have to be a childhood best friend; it can be a close friend that you hit it off with later on in life. You may even experience ‘soul crossings’ or brief life-changing moments with different people. These soul connections aren't with you for long, mainly due to poor timing or unfavorable circumstances.

Can you have a platonic soulmate and a twin flame?

Yes, it’s possible to have a platonic soulmate and a twin flame. A twin flame is the other half of your soul, while a soul mate is another soul that you share a connection and compatibility with. There is no conflict between the two soul connections, as each serves a distinct purpose in your life.

Can platonic soulmates date?

Yes. Platonic soulmates can date. Feelings are complex, and in some situations, platonic soulmates might develop romantic feelings for each other. Relationships can evolve from platonic to romantic. In fact, this is quite common; 68% of romantic partnerships begin as friendships.

Can you marry your platonic soulmate?

Yes, you can marry your platonic soulmate. There is a growing trend toward platonic marriages. So, even if you don’t have romantic feelings for each other, you still can marry each other to enjoy the protections and benefits offered by marriage.

If your soulmate bond happens to develop into romantic love, it’s still a win — a strong friendship is the foundation of a happy marriage.

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