11 Surefire Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

Maybe you're searching for your twin flame. Perhaps you've already met them. Are you wondering if they think about you as much as you think about them?

While there is little scientific evidence to support the existence of twin flames, the concept became popular around 2014 and has been around for centuries.

As human beings, we have always held beliefs that extend beyond our realm of understanding. The phenomenon of twin flames is no different.

Things to know

  • You can tell your twin flame is thinking of you if you get vivid images of them or their surroundings, random feelings of comfort, or a sense of incompleteness.
  • Some things indicate your twin flame is trying to connect with you, such as energy shifts and insightful dreams.
  • The twin flame bond is so strong that thoughts, feelings, and experiences can be shared between them. As such, your twin's thoughts might feel palpable.

No matter where you are on your twin flame journey, there's lots to explore. Here's what we'll be looking at:

Are Twin Flames Real?

The twin flame connection is said to be the rarest connection. The union is unlike any other — you can expect to experience spiritual awakening and personal growth when faced with your twin soul.

Unlike soul mate connections, which are essentially a union of two distinct yet deeply compatible souls finding each other, twin flames are the same soul split in half.

Meeting your twin flame is a lot like looking into a mirror. All your insecurities and doubts are reflected back at you, forcing you to confront them. What emerges is an awareness of your true self.

As twin flame relationships involve the coming together of mirror souls, they are tumultuous, healing, and extremely rewarding.

5 Stages Of Twin Flame Relationships

Much like the concept of soul mates, twin flames don't necessarily have to share a romantic relationship. Mirror souls can be platonic: friends, family members, and mentors, too.

Twin flame love represents a union with a higher purpose. It teaches empathy, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Additionally, the bond encourages mutual spiritual awakening, expansion, and growth.

Save for a few differences, the stages of a romantic twin flame relationship tend to mimic the stages of normal romantic relationships:

Stage 1: An awareness of your other half

Your twin flame is someone you resonate with on the deepest spiritual level. So, even before you meet, you're acutely aware of each other's existence.

This awareness often results in a deep yearning to be together. Because of the profound connection you share, it's not uncommon to occasionally experience each other's thoughts and emotions.

If you are yet to meet your twin-flame in person and curious to know what they look like I recommend using a professional psychic artist who can draw a sketch of what your twin-flame looks like.

Although I initially had some doubts, my friend managed to persuade me to give it a try a few weeks ago.

Surprisingly, I instantly recognized the person on the sketch.

It's quite strange, but now I know exactly what my twin-flame looks like. If you're curious about your soulmate's appearance, why not give it a shot and get your own sketch drawn here by Psychic Jane.

Stage 2: Twin flame reunion

When twin flames meet, there's an immediate and strong connection. The attraction is magnetic and impossible to ignore. Some twin flames never meet, but those who do may find themselves caught up in a passionate and all-consuming romance.

When you meet your twin flame, you'll know. Because you've probably been together in past lives, you'll feel a strong sense of recognition. You'll share the same values, hopes, and dreams. Your strengths and weaknesses will balance out perfectly. Plus, you'll feel an overwhelming sense of completeness.

Like all couples in love, you'll go through a honeymoon period. During this stage, things are blissful and effortless. You're smitten and view each other through rosy lenses.

Stage 3: Challenges arise

Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase doesn't last forever. Even though you're twin flames, you may experience typical relationship hardships.

Insecurities or attachment issues can come up, and the strength of your relationship might be tested. You'll have to face your differences and similarities to live your higher purpose.

Stage 4: The push and pull

The challenges of a twin flame relationship often cause a push and pull couple dynamic. Because of all the intense emotions, you might decide to go your separate ways.

This period is commonly referred to as twin flame separation. It can be extremely painful and difficult, there are stories of twin flames that have been in separation for decades before finally reuniting years later.

Luckily there are ways to fast-track the separation process using some exciting union techniques discussed here

Stage 5: Acceptance

Eventually, twin flames reach a point of acceptance. This could mean embracing the connection and reuniting with clear intentions to be together. It could mean acknowledging that the relationship has run its course and moving on.

If you and your twin flame decide to stay together, you'll be able to love each other unconditionally. You'll have compassion and the drive to support each other.

Experiencing the benefits of a twin flame bond will make working through each other's personal issues essential. As with any relationship, you'll need to be intentional about communication and reciprocation to sustain a healthy, satisfying connection.

Is Your Twin Flame Trying To Connect With You?

Could your twin flame be trying to connect with you? Here are key signs they may be reaching out:

You feel an intense pull

Feeling an intense pull towards someone you haven't met is a strong sign that your twin flame is thinking about you.

In fact, you may be experiencing what's known as twin flame heart pull. Not only are you on their mind, but they may also be trying to connect with you or make their way to you.

You experience changes in your energy

Changes in your energy are usually a sign of your twin flame reaching out. As the deep connection you share allows you to support and inspire each other, it's not uncommon to experience bursts of motivation or the courage to try new things.

You have feelings of Déjà vu

Constantly feeling like you're reliving moments is said to be a strong sign your twin flame is reaching out. You may even be close to meeting each other. These feelings of Déjà vu are said to be the result of your mirror souls going through similar experiences.

You're drawn to new things and experiences

Do you feel the urge to overhaul your entire life? Do you feel the sudden urge to move somewhere new and make a fresh start? If new things and experiences are suddenly very appealing, your twin flame might be reaching out to you. Much like you, they're longing for a reunion.

Life takes you in unexpected directions

Often, you must go through a spiritual journey before meeting your twin flame. Major transitions and changes are a part of the journey. You might lose important relationships and experience significant losses along the way.

You might be pushed outside of your comfort zone and feel the need to explore new opportunities. All of these changes are key signs that your twin flame is communicating with you.

You don't feel alone

Perhaps you're always aware of a presence with you. Maybe you often feel like someone is watching you. Experiencing a sense of comfort or feeling like you aren't alone during difficult times is your twin flame trying to connect with you.

You have insightful dreams

Dreams can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your life. They are a reflection of your inner emotional world and a glimpse into your subconscious mind.

Sharing a profound soul connection with someone could result in a meeting of dream worlds. Your twin flame might connect with you in your dreams as a spirit guide or as themselves to exchange deep insights.

11 Signals Your Twin Flame Is Thinking About You

You and your twin flame are practically one soul, so you’re connected emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. This intense connection allows you to experience each other's thoughts and feelings.

Here's how to tell if your twin flame is thinking about you:

You're thinking about them too

You'll know your twin flame is thinking about you because you can't stop thinking about them, either. Once you're aware of each other, any type of distance or separation between you is merely an illusion. The truth is, you're bound to be on each other's minds all the time. You share a deep spiritual connection, after all.

You see vivid images

Seeing vivid images of your twin flame or their surroundings can only mean one thing: they're thinking about you. If you're yet to meet each other, vivid images along with telepathic communication are often an indication of your twin flame reunion being near.

You feel incomplete

If you haven't met yet, your twin flame's thoughts of you might be triggering feelings of yearning and incompleteness in you. As you are meant to complement and complete each other, being apart might make you constantly feel like something important is missing.

If you're going through the twin flame separation, these feelings of emptiness might be amplified. Feeling depressed and frustrated are signs that your twin flame is thinking of you during separation.

You share dreams

Dreams tend to be a manifestation of what we fixate on during our waking hours. If you and your twin flame are constantly on each other's minds, you'll have dreams about each other too.

Intense vivid dreams may be a reflection of emotional turmoil. If you're in the separation phase, such dreams may be more common. Guidance dreams point to your twin flame thinking about solutions to your problems. Erotic dreams may signal that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually.

You feel like you can achieve anything

The twin flame union is meant to challenge you and help you reach your highest level of self. Even if you're yet to meet, simply being aware that your twin is out there tends to lead to greater feelings of confidence and positivity.

When your twin flame actually thinks about you and wishes you well, that energy has the power to inspire you.

You have an awareness of a comforting presence

As you share such a deep connection with your twin flame, you're able to sense them at all times. When they're actually thinking of you, this sensation becomes stronger—you might actually be able to feel their presence. It's comforting, almost like having a guardian angel by your side.

You feel intense inexplicable emotions

The moods and emotions of those around us can affect us deeply. With twin souls, the effect is stronger and isn't limited to being in the same space. The twin flame bond allows you to experience each other's feelings.

As you're mirror souls, whatever you feel tends to be reflected in each other. Intense, inexplicable emotions are usually a sign that your twin flame is going through something significant. They may be unconsciously reaching out for support, causing you to experience what they're feeling.

A sudden rush of feelings that you can only describe as love could mean that your twin flame is having fond thoughts about you. The love shared between twin flames is strong, unconditional, and independent of distance. So, even if you haven't reunited yet, you'll still share a deep connection.

If you're suddenly overcome with feelings of euphoria for no apparent reason, you're likely feeling your twin flame's emotions. And these emotions might be in response to thoughts of you!

You feel their energy

If your twin flame is thinking about you, the energy they're releasing can affect you in mysterious ways. Positive energy has the power to motivate or uplift you. Similarly, negative feelings like frustration and sadness have the ability to burden you.

You have a strong gut feeling

Having a strong gut feeling that someone special cares about you is a sign that your twin flame is trying to communicate with you. Similarly, if you feel confident that someone out there understands you and wishes you well, you might be tapping into your twin flame's positive thoughts towards you.

You experience random thoughts

When your twin flame is thinking about you, your connection might cause you to share thoughts. This is a phenomenon known as twin flame telepathy. You might be working on something and get distracted by random thoughts. While you're listening to music or watching something, you may receive some unique insight from them.

You feel inexplicable physical sensations

Inexplicable physical sensations are often a sign that your twin flame is thinking about you. You might feel a slight brush on your arm or feel like you're being wrapped in a tight hug. It's not uncommon to experience chills and goosebumps in response to feeling their presence.

If you and your twin flame are meant to be lovers, you may experience the typical butterflies and lightheadedness associated with being in love. Spontaneous sexual arousal also indicates that your twin flame is thinking about you sexually.

Twin Flame Test

On your journey to find your true twin flame, you might encounter a few false twin flames. To test if the universe wants you to be with someone and if they are your true twin flame, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was there an instant feeling of recognition when you met? Do they still feel like home? Like they know you on a deeper level?
  • Are your values, aspirations, and life plans perfectly aligned?
  • Do you feel safe, secure, and profoundly connected to them?
  • Are they willing to stand by you through challenges?
  • Do they challenge or inspire you to be a better person? Not for selfish reasons, but for the good of those around you?
  • Have they made their intentions clear?
  • Is your relationship helping both of you grow and evolve in all areas?

Remember, you share twin flame energy, so you'll have a lot of similarities. Your connection will be richer and deeper than anything you've ever experienced. You'll be brought together to achieve a higher purpose and help those around you with your combined gifts.

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