Undeniable Signs Someone Loves You

Everyone expresses love in different ways.

Some people are loud and proud in stating their intentions. They use obvious signs like grand gestures to show their romantic love. Other people are quiet about their deeper feelings. They prefer to share them through little things, like making sure you get home safely.

Things to know

  • To understand if someone loves you, determine their love language (physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, or receiving gifts).
  • Physical signs of love include mirroring your body language, holding your gaze, and finding excuses to make physical contact.
  • Verbal signs of love include openly expressing feelings, being quick to compliment, and showering you with endless compliments and support.

If you really want to know if someone loves you, then the first thing you need to do is figure out their love language.

According to family therapist Dr. Gary Chapman, there are five love languages: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and receiving gifts. These are the different ways people reveal that they care about their partner in a romantic relationship.

So how can you determine if the person showing interest is genuine or just a walking red flag? Here are the undeniable signs someone loves you:

Physical Signs Someone Is In Love With You

If someone who values physical touch loves you, you’ll see it in their body language. This type of person doesn’t just desire sex: they just want to feel close to you. For them, it isn’t about physical attraction. It’s all about feeling connected.

Watch for these physical signs to see if someone loves you:

They mirror your body language

A person who is in love with you tends to mimic your movements. This is more true than ever for someone that shows their deeper feelings through physical touch.

Pay attention to your personal space. Do they lean into your airspace? When you hang out, do they turn their body toward you? If they do, that’s a clear sign they feel more than a little friendly toward you.

They hold your gaze

Even though you aren’t making physical contact, locking eyes is a sure sign of intimacy. Prolonged eye contact can be nearly as sensual as touching your body. It shows that they want to get closer to you and see beneath the surface. Keep tabs on how long your love interest can meet your gaze. If it’s more than four seconds, that’s the biggest sign you can find that a physical person is into you.

They “accidentally” touch you

If their love language is physical touch, they will look for any excuse they can find to make contact with you. They’ll brush against you when they walk by. If you’re joking around, they will playfully bump your arm. And when you meet up, they’ll definitely go in for a hug.

The more this person finds opportunities to touch you, the more signs you have that they might secretly love you.

Verbal Signs

Not everyone shows their love through physical touch. Instead, lots of people express their emotions through words of affirmation. If you are looking for a sure sign that someone loves you, notice how quick they are to compliment you:

They’re an open book

When you’re in love, you can’t hide it. But for people who show their feelings with words, they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Notice how open they are with their feelings. Are they proudly sharing what you mean to them? Do they get vulnerable with you and even risk rejection? If they’re not afraid to tell you how wonderful you are, that’s the most obvious sign you can find that someone truly loves you.

You hear countless compliments

The number one sign someone with this style loves you? Building you up with their words.

They will shower you with endless compliments. Every little thing about you will be noticed and verbally appreciated. Expect lots of support and encouragement if they genuinely love you.

How do you know someone loves you if they don't say it?

What if they don’t show their love through their words? That doesn’t mean you aren’t an important person in their life. Look for all the different signs from these love languages before giving up hope:

Acts Of Service

Another love language is acts of service. For this type of person, nothing says “I love you,” like taking away your problems. If they have real feelings for you, then you will find them going out of their way to help you.

Do they check in on you with text messages every day? Do they drop everything to pick you up when you need a ride? Do you know that you can always count on them, no matter what?

If the answer is yes, chances are you’ve found someone who values acts of service—and they are heads over heels in love with you.

Quality Time

Service isn’t their style? There are plenty of other ways people can show love without using words. The love language of quality time is a major one.

For this type of person, spending time with you is their top priority. You won’t have to ask them to make plans with you: it’s already done. They will put you first on their list consistently.

One sure sign to look for in someone who loves through quality time is the level of conversation you two share. If they really love you, they will ask you tons of questions about yourself. This person will be the best listener you’ve ever met. Giving you their full, undivided attention clearly shows romantic love for this type.

Receiving Gifts

One easily overlooked sign someone loves you is giving gifts. This doesn’t mean expensive jewelry or a new watch. It’s all about the small things if someone with this love language adores you.

When a person who cherishes receiving gifts has you in their heart, they will be full of thoughtful gestures. They’ll remember your favorite color and give you a token present in that exact shade. They might bake you a dessert you love, just to make you happy.

Are you going through a rough patch? Expect a letter of encouragement. Did you get promoted at work? They will be the first person to congratulate you with a sweet note. So if you are getting a lot of thoughtful gifts, pay attention. The giver is probably in love with you.

How To Know If Someone Loves You Secretly

Still not seeing a clear sign? Your love interest might be hiding their genuine emotions. Here are nine small signs someone truly loves you, no matter what their love language is:

They make future plans

A person who loves you is not afraid of commitment. Even if they’re keeping their true feelings a secret, they won’t hesitate to make plans with you in them. See if they talk about what the two of you will be doing years from now: that’s a major sign that they want you to stay in their life for a long time.

You meet all their friends

Are they keeping you under wraps, or do they show you off? If they want to introduce you to their friends, then there’s a good chance they’re harboring deeper feelings for you. Someone who is in love with you is proud of you. If they post you on social media, take note.

They’re willing to try new things

Love makes you brave. A dead giveaway that someone secretly loves you is acting out of character. Are they usually shy but try new things with you? If they break out of their comfort zone when you’re together, that’s a sign their love for you brings out a different side of them.

They make an effort with your loved ones

If someone isn’t serious about you, they don’t care about getting to know your friends. They like you, but they don’t love you enough to get involved with your personal life. But if they take the time to talk to your family member, that’s a clear sign they love you more than they’re letting on.

The little things matter

Even if they try to hide it, a person who secretly loves you can’t stop thinking about you. Do they remember the small things? See if they follow up on an old conversation the next time you see them. If they do, then you’re on their mind more than they care to admit.

They want to make you happy

If they love you, then they will do anything to see you smile. They will make a fool of themselves just to make you laugh. When you’re sad, they will bend over backward to cheer you up. They secretly crave a romantic relationship with you if your happiness is everything to them.

You are their biggest confidante

You’re the first person they call to share their good news. When their mental health is going through a rough patch, you’re the only one they want to see. Sound familiar? Then they might be holding onto secret feelings for you. Trust is the biggest sign of love.

They defend you

Love is not selfish. Even if they’re hiding their deeper feelings, they will always look out for you. Someone who secretly loves you won’t allow people to treat you poorly. They will stand up for you, even behind your back. They respect you too much to let anyone hurt you.

They try to be a better person for you

The final sign that someone secretly loves you? They try to be the best version of themselves.

They’re hiding their true feelings because they know they need to improve before they’re worthy of a romantic relationship with you. If you notice them seeing a clinical psychologist for mental illness or reading self-help books, don’t ignore it. They might be preparing to tell you how they really feel.

After You've Figured It Out...

There are some things you just can’t fake. True love is the biggest one of all.

The way someone looks at you when they love you is impossible to miss. You can’t explain it: you just know. They don’t need words to share how they feel. One glance tells you more than they could ever say.

When you get that feeling for the first time, hold onto it. The right person won’t leave you wondering if the love is real.

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