10 Signs You Have Good Chemistry

Have you ever met a person and felt sparks fly instantly? Do you feel drawn to them for reasons you can’t explain? Is there a magnetic pull between the two of you that is just irresistible?

Chances are, you have amazing chemistry. But how can you know for sure?

Things to know

  • Your faces will be a giveaway: think intense eye contact and wide smiles!
  • When you're together it feels like you're in a world of your own, and the outside world is far, far away.
  • Good chemistry will show up as adrenalin: your heart will race, and you may take more risks together.

The good news is that there's a complete guide to measuring what type of chemistry the pair of you share. If you want to identify signs of good chemistry, look no further. Here's what we'll cover:

10 Signs You Have Chemistry With Someone

1. You Want to Be Close to Them

From the very first date, you can’t help but feel drawn into their orbit. When they move, you move. And the feeling is mutual. Somehow, you always end up next to each other at a party without even noticing.

If you wander off, they soon follow. You find any excuse you can to be in close contact. Even after they’re gone, you find yourself craving their presence. The smallest interaction with them leaves you wanting more.

That cosmic pull that drives people closer doesn't just belong on a list of signs of chemistry but also of strong physical chemistry.

2. You Can’t Stop Smiling When You’re Together

Did you catch yourself giggling? Careful: you could be feeling the chemical reactions of sexual attraction.

If you can’t stop laughing when the two of you are together and your cheeks hurt from smiling, that’s a good indicator of an emotional connection. A shared sense of humor is the backbone of a strong romantic relationship.

If this is the one person who always gets your jokes, and you always get theirs or you think everything they say is funny, even when no one else does, pretty soon, you’ll have your very own language of inside jokes.

If you have good chemistry, your conversations will be better than watching any comedy show.

3. You Can’t Keep Your Hands Off Each Other

When you were in high school, did you ever hear the phrase “if they are mean to you, it means they like you”? That old saying doesn’t really change as you grow up.

Tons of teasing can feel like a safe way to express secret sexual attraction. If they’re jokingly bumping your arm, smacking your shoulder, or playing with your hair, they're probably just making sly excuses to touch you.

Already dating? If you have intense physical chemistry, you can never get enough of each other. The explosive passion between you builds to the point of pain. No matter where you are, you always want to be in contact, from holding hands to a kiss on the cheek.

There's no question of physical attraction: you both think you have somehow managed to land the sexiest person alive. There's no substitute for steamy sexual attraction, and if you have it, you'll know without a doubt.

4. There’s Intense Eye Contact

The eyes don’t lie. And if they’re locked onto yours, chances are there’s a ton of chemistry bubbling up.

Eye contact is a huge hallmark of romantic interest. They’re not shying away from your gaze, but inviting it. When someone’s total focus is on you, they are also showing a high level of respect. It means they care about what you think and are intently listening to everything you say.

With this type of chemistry, you might feel as though the other person is trying to read your mind. The truth is, they wish they could: they want to know everything about you and understand what makes you tick.

Serious eye contact is a strong sign of emotional chemistry that should never be ignored.

5. You Are Fearless Together

Are you a shy person? Not anymore.

When you have good chemistry with someone, fear tends to fall away. When you’re together, you feel invincible. Something about them makes you feel safe to show your silly side.

You can dance in the rain and not care who’s watching. If your first date is at a karaoke bar, you’re up there belting out a song with no reservations. You feel completely accepted and have the freedom to be yourself.

If they give you the confidence to take risks and try out different ways of life, that’s an encouraging sign that you two have a real emotional bond.

6. Your Heart Is Racing

If you’re trying to figure out if you have good chemistry with someone, don’t get stuck in your head. Take a break and read your body’s signals.

Physical attraction is a simple way to understand a complex topic. Feeling fine when you’re with them? That could be a warning sign that there’s a lack of chemistry between you two.

When you’re with this new person, your hormones should be popping off like fireworks. Butterflies flood your stomach. Your heart stops when you see them, then starts racing in your chest. Even a text message gets you going. Your palms feel sweaty around them.

When they make eye contact with you, your brain short-circuits. For once, you are speechless.

Don’t call a doctor—you can blame all these symptoms on seriously intense sexual chemistry.

7. You Can Finish Each Other’s Sentences

You know those annoying couples you used to hate? Yeah, you’re one of them now.

If you’re feeling the chemistry, you will catch yourself finishing each other’s sentences. You can’t help it. You two are just vibing on the same wavelength.

When you think so much alike, it’s a sure sign that you have incredible intellectual chemistry. This is a type of chemistry that often gets overlooked in the science of connection, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important.

In fact, feeling understood can be a huge turn-on. Don’t overlook this sneaky sign of sexual compatibility.

8. Everything Else Melts Away

Do you have tunnel vision when you’re together? Like everything else falls away and you’re in your own little world? The room could be on fire and you wouldn’t notice.

If you only have eyes for each other, you could have the makings of good chemistry. No matter how many beautiful people are around, you might find yourself looking for them in a crowded room. No one else interests you anymore. Even a supermodel couldn’t catch your attention.

It might sound crazy, but when it happens to you, there's no denying it.

9. Everyone Else Can See It

High-quality chemistry isn’t all in your head. Actually, friends commenting on your connection is an indication of compatibility.

Has anyone ever approached you and said that you two are great together? Do random strangers stop to tell you what a cute couple you are—even if you’re not dating? When the spark is there, other people start to notice.

You can’t fake it and you can’t hide it. The pair of you can’t help but project the amazing chemistry you share.

10. You Never Get Bored

If you think one of this person’s top personality traits is their conversation skill, you’re on the right track. When the chemistry is there, you never run out of things to talk about. There’s no forced conversation. Even after talking for hours, you don’t get sick of each other.

Time seems to move at warp speed. The two of you can switch from comedy to complex topics without missing a beat. They challenge your ideas and inspire your mind.

Is it true love? Hard to say. But it’s definitely intense intellectual chemistry.

What Does Chemistry Feel Like For a Man?

Though men can sometimes feel like a different species for us women, they're not so different when it comes to chemistry. They'll likely feel every sign on the above list, such as feeling intense eye contact or a profound connectedness.

However, there are some gendered differences in how that chemistry can manifest. So, if you want to tell whether he feels chemistry look out for these signs:


Men might feel protective over women with whom they have intense chemistry. You might spot this protectiveness in his body language or conversation. It might appear in suddenly caring about your physical safety or speaking up for you in big groups of people.

Displays of masculinity

Men might try to "show off" in masculine ways, such as displays of strength or sexual prowess. While this may sound a bit primal, it's just a fact of our deeply ingrained gender roles.


Equally, true chemistry will free a man from those gendered expectations, allowing him to be vulnerable. Since they don't get to be vulnerable very often, men will use women they have chemistry with as a kind of "safe haven." This may include playfulness, childishness, discussing deeper feelings, or cuddling up.

Signs of Chemistry on a First Date

You'll know you have chemistry on a first date if it goes super quickly. Here are some other signs to look out for:

  • You can't help but kiss on the first date.
  • You're both laughing - a lot.
  • You discover you have loads of common interests and viewpoints.
  • You feel instantly comfortable in their presence.
  • You share more than you thought you would.

Signs of No Chemistry

People with no chemistry might find interactions incredibly awkward or might not even notice each other due to their lack of similarities. Look out for these signals:

  • Awkwardness is a major sign of no chemistry. This might feel like you come from completely different planets or have had polar opposite experiences of the world.
  • You might feel incredibly formal with this person like you can't be playful or fun.
  • You won't understand each other's sense of humor.
  • If you do share a kiss (or more) it will feel cumbersome, forced, or just won't incite excitement.
  • Time moves very, very, VERY slowly.
  • You'll eventually get "the ick" and feel repulsed by them.

So, Have You Got Chemistry?

You'll know you've got chemistry if adrenalin runs high, the eye contact is strong, and the world seems to melt away when you're together.

Nothing kills a romantic relationship faster than a lack of chemistry. But at the end of the day, the connection between two people can’t be measured. It’s an undeniable, indefinable spark that you have to experience to fully understand.

Your powerful chemical attraction can make for a passionate romance or a beautiful friendship if you let it unfold. Just make sure your compatibility matches your chemistry before you start calling it true love.

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