53 Fun Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

No couple likes to do the same thing over and over again. That's why partners look for new restaurants to try or other ideas to shake up date night. Both new couples and seasoned veterans must bring fresh ideas into their relationships, and that's a fact.

But how can partners work on their couple dynamics without damaging the bond they've already established? Well, for some couples, this involves playful bets and wagers.

Things to know

  • The best bets for couples are lighthearted and fun.
  • Couples can make bets on who can do something the best/fastest or something like who will win a sports game.
  • Great couples bets always include a reward for the winner or a consequence for the loser.

When we think about fun activities for couples, wagers aren't something that comes to mind. However, bets for couples can be fun and comical at times. You just have to be willing to go with the flow a bit and enjoy fun and games with your romantic partner.

But before you can do that, you need to understand why couples bets are so fun and see some sample bets to try. Here's how you can have fun with bets:

Why Try Bets For Couples?

Most couples avoid anything that could create tension or conflict. Because of this, some significant others may think bets for couples sound like a bad idea. However, the opposite is true.

Making a bet with your romantic partner can add excitement back into your relationship. They can help you remember that not everything has to be serious and teaches partners to let go of their feelings, so they don’t hold grudges or fight. Bets can help couples bond and make memories together over the years.

Starting bets with a partner

If you start using bets to spice up your relationship, you must establish some ground rules and boundaries first. This keeps both partners protected and ensures there are no hard feelings when one partner loses.

Also, couples should set clear expectations for what can and can't be included in proposed bets. You may want to leave things like former partners, dangerous activities, and wagers with serious speculation out of the picture. This ensures that nobody gets offended or hurt since it's all just for fun.

Have you thought about investing in a fun couples game?

Playing relationship building card games with your partner can be a fantastic way to bond and bring some fun and lightheartedness into your relationship. These games are an excellent way to escape the daily stress, shake things up and spend quality time with your significant other, helping to strengthen your connection and spark joy into your relationship.

From relationship building games like "Love Lingual" to newer and more exciting games like SERVD, these games are guaranteed to bring laughter and excitement into your relationship.

Me and my significant other took on SERVD for a whole month and it was a blast! We were laughing our heads off every time we played. A personal favorite moment of mine was making my partner rock one of my dresses, it was priceless! We're already planning our next game night with SERVD.

54 Best Bets For Couples

A friendly bet never ruined a romantic relationship. It's all in good fun.

If you're looking for ideas for your next friendly wager to make date night more interesting, consider one of these 53 bets for couples, broken into categories of flirty, sweet, physical challenges, and other bet ideas:

18 flirty bet ideas

  1. Which partner can come up with the best pickup line?
  2. Which partner can remember more details about the first date?
  3. Which partner can send the best sexy text message?
  4. Which partner can write the better love letter?
  5. Which partner can dress the sexiest?
  6. Which partner can pull off a mystery date?
  7. Which partner can make the most sensual playlist?
  8. Which partner gives the best massage?
  9. Which partner can plan a better date night?
  10. Which partner makes the best breakfast in bed?
  11. Which partner is the better kisser?
  12. Which partner can perform a better strip tease?
  13. Which partner provides the best foreplay?
  14. Which partner knows more sexual positions?
  15. Which partner can make the other moan the loudest?
  16. Which partner can last longer in bed?
  17. Which partner can give the most orgasms?
  18. Which partner can make the other orgasm the fastest?

10 sweet ideas for making bets

  1. Which partner can make the most sentimental gift?
  2. Which partner can make the other laugh the most?
  3. Which partner can remember more things about the other?
  4. Which partner can be more spontaneous?
  5. Which partner can recall the most memorable moments you've had together?
  6. Which partner can make the best nickname for the other?
  7. Which partner can do the best impression of the other?
  8. Which partner can draw the best picture of the other?
  9. Which partner can come up with the best quality time plan?
  10. Which partner can go the longest without looking at their phone on a date?

19 physical challenge fun bet ideas

  1. Who can do the most pushups?
  2. Who can run the furthest?
  3. Who can lift the most?
  4. Who is the most flexible?
  5. Who is the better dancer?
  6. Who can hold a plank the longest?
  7. Who can do the most lunges?
  8. Who can hold their breath the longest?
  9. Who can wash dishes the fastest?
  10. Who can move the most furniture?
  11. Who can stay up the longest?
  12. Who can do more pull-ups?
  13. Who can clean a bathroom the fastest?
  14. Who can do a handstand the longest?
  15. Who can swim the fastest?
  16. Who can do the most household chores in a day?
  17. Who can do a better dive into a pool?
  18. Who can ride a bike faster?
  19. Who can fold laundry the best?

7 other friendly wagers for couples

  1. Bet on which sports team will win a sports game.
  2. Bet on which person on a competitive television show will win.
  3. Bet on what happens next in a television show or movie.
  4. Bet on the weather for a particular day.
  5. Bet on what the total will be on a purchase.
  6. Bet on how long a delivery order will take to arrive.
  7. Bet on political election results.

17 Flirty Consequences for Losers

A funny bet can get you and your romantic partner laughing, even if there isn't a wager to go along with the idea. However, the best bets come with a fun activity or consequence for the significant other who loses the bet.

If you aren't sure what type of wager to place, try out one of these hilarious consequences:

  1. The loser buys dinner.
  2. The loser gives the winner a foot massage.
  3. The loser does the laundry.
  4. The loser has to do a chore the winner normally does for an entire week.
  5. The loser has to make a post about their loss on social media.
  6. The loser has to make breakfast in bed for the winner.
  7. The loser has to cook a meal for the winner.
  8. The loser has to give up their phone for a day.
  9. The loser has to go out publicly with a sign that says they lost.
  10. The loser has to eat something spicy.
  11. The loser has to sing karaoke.
  12. The loser has to kiss the winner.
  13. The loser has to do a sexy dance for the winner.
  14. The loser has to massage the winner’s back and shoulders.
  15. The loser has to do all of the driving for a week.
  16. The loser has to make dessert.
  17. The loser has to share an embarrassing story from their childhood.

11 Fun Rewards For The Winner

Although consequences are a fun way to make a friendly competition with your significant other more exciting, they aren't the only way to end a head-to-head matchup.

Instead, you can let the winner choose from one of these 11 rewards:

  1. The winner plans the next date night.
  2. The winner selects a restaurant to eat at, and the loser pays.
  3. The winner gets to ask the loser to do things for them for an entire day.
  4. The winner gets to pick a movie to watch.
  5. The winner gets to select the next vacation destination.
  6. The winner gets to plan an outfit for the loser to wear.
  7. The winner gets to pick the next sporting event to attend.
  8. The winner gets to pick a bedroom activity for the couple.
  9. The winner gets the dessert of their choice.
  10. The winner gets to pick the next sexy bet for the couple.
  11. The winner gets three wishes.

Use Bets To Make Memories

Both new couples and well-established romantic partners need to spice up the relationship from time to time. Coming up with inside jokes and fun activities like couples bets is a great way to do this.

It may feel awkward to purposely go against your partner on something. However, once you get used to it, you'll probably start betting on every little thing just for fun.

A head-to-head match with low stakes can be a fun way to laugh and create memories together. You'll both look back on these days fondly and laugh over the bets each of you lost. Just remember, it's all fun and games, not a way to steal your partner's weekly savings or rub your victory in their face.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to pick a few bets for couples and start making memorable moments together as a couple!

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