How To Manifest Your Ex Back In 6 Steps

Sometimes, we find ourselves in these incredible relationships we never want to let go of. From the beginning, the compatibility feels so right, and as time goes on, our partner becomes our best friend and most important person.

However, even the best relationships sometimes end for reasons we can't even begin to understand. In these moments, it often feels like the universe is working against us, even though we know in our hearts that we're meant to be with this person.

If you're having a hard time with the breakup and feel like you and your former partner were really meant to be together, don't worry. You might be able to work on yourself and eventually get your ex back into your life for good. Manifestation is the key.

Things to know

  • Before you do anything else, establish a no contact period to allow yourself and your ex to heal.
  • Focus on self-care, personal growth and getting rid of limiting beliefs during your time apart.
  • Visualize a better relationship, then work on raising your vibrational energy and matching it with your ex's to attract them and rebuild a healthy relationship.

Here's what we'll cover in this article:

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is essentially a methodology to help individuals achieve their goals and find happiness in life. Through the manifestation process, you use visualization and positive affirmations to reshape the reality of your life.

The manifestation technique is based on the Law of Attraction, a philosophy that operates under the principle that "like forces attract."

Essentially, the Law of Attraction works under the guidelines that positive thoughts transform into positive results in your life. Inversely, negative thoughts transform into negative outcomes in all aspects of life.

With manifestation in particular, you should focus solely on the positive energy to make positive changes in your life that lead to the happiness and success you've always wanted. While many people use manifestation for career or financial success, it can also be used for romantic relationships.

Manifestation has caught a lot of attention in recent years, and many people have found it highly successful in their lives as they try to reach their goals and achieve greatness.

The Law of Attraction and Relationships

When we think about manifestation in terms of a romantic relationship, it's essential to understand how visualization and vibrational energy can play a role in helping you net a healthy relationship with someone.

If you know anything about science, then you understand that everything in the world constantly remains in motion, and this motion creates a vibrational frequency for each object in our world. So, if we want to manifest the person we consider to be the perfect partner in our lives, we must first figure out how to match their vibrational energy.

Sometimes, our subconscious mind can trip us up, though, as even our innermost thoughts hold vibrational energy. This means that maintaining a positive attitude and erasing those limiting beliefs we often hold onto after a breakup could be the key that puts you on the path toward restoring your relationship with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in the near future.

Although this method may not necessarily get him back fast, it will help you make sure that the two of you rebuild a healthy relationship when you're both ready to rekindle your romance.

How To Manifest Your Ex Back

Even if you understand how the manifestation process works, you may not know the necessary steps you need to manifest your ex back. A lack of understanding can get in the way of winning your ex back, which is the last thing you want.

Luckily for you, this step-by-step guide can help you fall back into a loving relationship with your former partner — assuming you're willing to put in the work it takes to change your destiny.

Establish A No Contact Period

When a relationship ends, many people try to cling to their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in hopes they will "save the relationship." Unfortunately, this idea rarely works. Instead, many dating experts now recommend the "no contact rule" for couples after a breakup, even if they want to win their ex back.

With the "no contact rule," you essentially cut off all forms of communication with your former partner after the breakup so you can both heal from the loss.

So, stop following them on social media. Don't call them or message them to "see how they're doing." In fact, don't even ask other people how your ex is doing because this will only make you miss them more.

If your ex sends you a text message, don't respond. If you run into them at the grocery store or somewhere else, try not to engage.

The goal is to go completely no contact while you work through what you need to do that you can eventually get back together and enjoy an even better relationship with your former partner than the one you had before.

Many people find it helpful to maintain a lack of contact for an entire month (30 days) before even considering reconnection. Even after the no-contact period ends, many people hold off or take things slowly before reaching out to their ex.

Focus On Yourself

Even if a person does not contact their former partner after a breakup, they often still spend a lot of time thinking about their ex and wishing for them back. Unfortunately, this will only continue to hold you and your partner at different frequencies, meaning you'll never be able to attract them back to you.

Instead, it would help if you used this time to focus on yourself.

Self-care can be an essential first step toward raising your vibrational frequency. This can be achieved through caring for your physical and mental health, lowering your stress levels, and prioritizing yourself over others.

You can dedicate some of your spare time to filling up your cup. This can include hobbies that interest you, giving your time to charitable organizations that resonate with you, self-improvement or simply spending time reconnecting with yourself.

Also, many people find activities like yoga, reading, and meditation to be especially helpful as you shift the focus from your previous relationship back to yourself. These activities are all grounding and great ways to fill your time.

By focusing on yourself, you may discover new things about yourself and really tap into your core values. Knowing yourself well can ultimately help you as you try to plan out your future, whether your ex is in it or not.

Adopt A Positive Mindset

As you focus on yourself more, you may realize that you carry around a lot of negative beliefs about yourself. Unfortunately, these false narratives that you spin about inferiority or lack of beauty can really hold you back from manifesting your ex back. In fact, that type of negative energy is the exact opposite of what is going to help you out.

Therefore, it's time to let go of all those negative emotions and adopt a positive mindset instead.

While that may sound overwhelming at first, it's actually not as complicated as you'd think. All you need to do is start recognizing negative thoughts as they creep into your mind and ask yourself a simple question: Is this really true?

Once you build that awareness of your thoughts, you can start reframing them. For example, let's say you think to yourself one morning, "No wonder my ex-boyfriend broke up with me... I'm so ugly!" You can look in the mirror and reframe that in some way, even if it's small, like, "I don't know why my ex broke up with me! I have really nice eyes."

Similarly, you can replace your negative thoughts altogether with positive affirmations that you recite to yourself regularly. These can be simple phrases like, "I am beautiful," or "I am strong," or they can be more general, like, "I am doing what I can each day to become a better person."

These changes will help elevate your self-esteem and offer a confidence boost. Eventually, this new, positive attitude will also elevate your vibrational energy and help you work towards manifesting what you want. It takes time, but the rewards can be so worth it.

Visualize A Better Relationship

When a relationship ends, we often get caught up in the negative emotions that come with heartbreak. However, to truly manifest your ex back, you're going to need to work on letting go of that and visualizing a better relationship instead.

You can do this in many different ways, depending on what makes the most sense to you.

For example, some people find vision boards to be incredibly powerful tools in manifestation because they help the person clearly see what they're working towards. In this case, you'd want to create a board filled with a combination of your favorite memories with your former partner and the new memories you hope to build with them in the future.

Other people aren't visual but enjoy writing. If that's the case for you, a manifestation journal may be a helpful tool. You can use this notebook to write down what you want from your partner moving forward and what the perfect relationship would look like to you.

Visualizing what you really want moving forward will help fill you with hopefulness and other positive emotions. This will help you move to a higher frequency and, with any luck, move that much closer to manifesting your ex back. It will also help you set clear goals to help you work towards what you want your future relationship to look like.

As you visualize what you want, don't just focus on your partner. Instead, think about what you want for yourself too. You may find that you need to do a little bit of work to improve yourself before you go chasing your ex down at the bus stop, and these visualization exercises can help you really see what it is you want for your future.

Once you have a clear picture in your head of what you want, it's easier to work towards that. Also, you can reinforce this by setting aside time each day to focus on your manifestations and willing them into your life.

Trust The Universe

You've done all of the hard work. You went no contact and focused on yourself. You changed your mindset and visualized what it is you really want for your future relationship with your ex. So what's next?

Well, now you wait and trust in the universe to do its work.

For many people, this is the hardest step because it requires you to accept your powerlessness in the situation. However, you've really done all that you can do at this point, so the only thing left to do is hope the universe is there to catch you.

Obviously, there are some things you can do to get their attention. In fact, you can make sure you end up at some of the same events as your ex or post on social media occasionally (assuming they still follow you).

Beyond that, though, all you can really do is focus your energy on being the best version of yourself and continuing your manifestation process until you see the fruits of your labor begin to blossom. It may take time, but it will work if you trust the process.

Reignite The Spark

If the universe begins to work in your favor, you may begin to reconnect with your ex in some capacity, even if it's just as friends. At this point, it may be time to try reigniting the spark that once existed between the two of you.

Look back on your past with this person and think about what qualities they enjoyed most about you. Find ways to be playful and fun to remind them of what you used to have together, or show them you've changed for the better.

Whatever you can do to reignite that spark and begin to let manifestation work for you, the better. Just make sure that you put your energy into things that will be effective and help catch your partner's attention long-term, not just for a moment.

If at all possible, make sure these interactions happen in person or over the phone. Don't try to rekindle your love via text message because it rarely works. Even if you just grab coffee together, that's better than nothing, and it starts the ball rolling in the direction of love.

Troubleshoot What's Not Working

If you try to reignite the flame and it doesn't work right away, don't give up. You may just need to troubleshoot the situation and figure out what's going wrong.

For example, you may feel like the chemistry is off or something is blocking you from connecting with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend on a deeper level. This could be because you both are dealing with your own common limiting beliefs that are interfering with manifestation.

You may also find that although you put in the work to elevate your vibrational energy, your ex did not. This could mean you are still operating at different frequencies, which will throw your compatibility off.

While these issues definitely present challenges, they definitely aren't something that's impossible to overcome. It just may require effort on your part and your ex's to really make things work.

True Love Will Find A Way

If you and your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend had a great connection, it makes sense to miss them and want them back. Oftentimes, we don't realize what we used to have until it's too late, and the absence of this important person makes our hearts grow fonder.

However, getting back together with your ex requires effort and change on your part and theirs. Otherwise, you will just fall into the same pitfalls you did before, and your relationship will eventually fizzle out. This is why it's important to do the work and really manifest what you want before going for it.

If you are willing to put in the work and do what is needed, you can absolutely manifest your ex back and build an even better relationship than the two of you had before, assuming that's what you both want. Just remember: a relationship is a two-way street; you might not get him back fast.

The universe works in mysterious ways sometimes, and even though a relationship with your ex didn't work the first time, that doesn't mean it can't work if you try again. In fact, there are lots of times when relationships that previously failed actually do quite well the second time around as people realize what they really love about each other.

However, you may encounter obstacles if he's dating someone else or if you've done the work to improve yourself and he hasn't. If either one of these things is in play, then it may be best to learn how to let go and see what else the universe has in store for you.

As the old saying goes, "If you love someone, set them free; if they come back to you, it was meant to be." True love always works out in the end, no matter what you and your ex did the first time to break apart.

So, keep visualizing the life you want, and let the universe bring it to you. You deserve the very best in all areas of your life, especially in love.

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