8 Reasons You’re Getting No Likes On Tinder

So, you decided to give online dating a go.

You did everything right. You uploaded a fresh profile picture. Your Tinder bio is flirty and fun. Maybe you even swiped on a profile or two already.

You sit back and wait for the likes to start pouring in. The only problem?

You’re getting zero matches on Tinder.

Whether you want meaningful connections or you’re looking for a low-commitment fling, you need users to swipe right to make it happen. To learn how you can get more likes on Tinder, check out our article.

But first, you've got to identify what you've been doing wrong:

Things to know

  • If you’re getting no likes on Tinder, your profile (picture, bio, and preferences) probably isn’t optimized.
  • Swiping too much, being inactive, and avoiding premium features are common mistakes that keep you from getting likes.
  • If you broke the Tinder Community Guidelines, you’re getting no likes because you’re under a shadowban.

To help you learn more about your Tinder mistakes,  we've got you covered:

8 Reasons Why You're Getting No Likes On Tinder

1. You’re using the wrong photos

The average Tinder user only takes about 5 seconds to decide whether you’re a right swipe or a left swipe. The longer they spend on your profile, the less likely they are to like it.

And how are they judging you so quickly? Your profile picture.

If you’re getting no likes on Tinder, your photo is likely giving off a weak first impression. You want people to see your best side. Low camera quality, zooming too far in or out, and using a group photo where you’re lost in the crowd are all Tinder turn-offs that instantly ruin your like count.

One of the easiest ways to improve your profile picture and get more likes is to use a Tinder profile optimization service like ROAST, which will analyze your profile picture, tell you where you're going wrong, and help you improve it.

2. Your Tinder bio is sloppy

The second reason your dating profile might be ruining your chances? Your Tinder bio is sending the wrong message.

You only get 500 characters to make a statement to a potential match. But a lot can happen in that tiny space.

Tired pick-up lines (more help with that here) or a boring list of fast facts won’t do you any favors. But neither will be oversharing. Writing too much or not enough are mistakes that will instantly trigger a left swipe.

No matter what you say, there’s nothing worse than a low-effort bio. Sloppy mistakes like typos and poor grammar make you appear careless - which is not a great quality in a love interest.

3. You’re swiping way too much

Tinder is a numbers game. The app relies on user data to generate strong candidates and successfully match each account. Upsetting the system is an easy way to get no likes.

Tinder’s algorithm rewards selective swipers. The dating platform wants to pair people that have a good shot at chemistry. So if you like every profile you see and hoping for a hit, you’ll be sent to the bottom of the list.

You’re making a huge Tinder mistake if you randomly swipe right on tons of people every day.

4. You never use the app

Swiping right with purpose doesn’t mean being inactive on Tinder. In fact, stepping back from the dating app is a mistake that can really cost you.

According to Tinder, an account sees fewer matches if it has been inactive for even as little as seven days. Stay inactive long enough, and your Tinder account could even be automatically deleted.

This is because the app only wants to show an active user to new people. So if you only use Tinder once in a blue moon, there’s no way you’re being seen by every single profile. Long breaks from online dating can explain why you’re getting no likes on Tinder.

5. You’re stuck with a low Elo score

Another rumored strategy Tinder’s algorithm uses to pair the right people is assigning every single profile an Elo score.

This score is given based on how desirable you are to other users. If you’re getting more likes than you’re giving, that’s an indicator for Tinder that you’re a hot item. The app tends to pair people with fewer matches together while encouraging a Tinder match between the most likable profiles.

Getting no likes on Tinder? You probably have a low Elo score. If you’re not looking for meaningful connections as you swipe or upload a bad photo to your profile, your numbers will tank.

6. You’re limiting your options

It’s always a good thing to have high standards when you’re dating. But there’s a big difference between being selective and being unreasonable.

Tinder lets you customize your settings to narrow down the types of users you want to see. Age, location, and gender are all options within your control. But are your preferences a little too picky?

Remember that Tinder is like a computer. It can only show you profiles that fit your data parameters. So if you’re limiting yourself to a super specific distance or age range, you’re going to run out of profiles quickly.

Don’t expect lots of likes on Tinder if you’re not willing to branch out beyond your comfort zone.

7. You aren’t using Tinder’s full features

Are you maximizing all the tools available to you in the Tinder app? If not, that could explain why you’re not getting any likes.

Tinder has tons of paid options that will boost your dating profile and up your like count. Tinder Gold is a subscription tier that is almost guaranteed to get you more likes. It gives you a Passport to any location, one free boost per month, and unlimited likes. Tinder Platinum will give you an even better Tinder experience with Top Picks, Priority Likes, and Message Before Match perks.

If you’re not using Tinder's premium features, you’re missing out on potential likes from lots of new people. The basic plan might be the reason you’re getting no likes on Tinder.

8. You broke the Community Guidelines

The Tinder social network relies on Community Guidelines to protect its people. The app takes these rules very seriously and won’t hesitate to penalize you if you violate their terms.

Posting any photo with nudity or sexual content is against the rules. So is harassment, hate speech, and deceit like impersonating someone else. If you’ve misused Tinder or made another user feel uncomfortable, then you might have been reported. That would definitely explain why you’re getting no likes.

The consequences of breaking Tinder’s Community Guidelines can be devastating to your account. Why? It could result in a shadowban.

This means that without even knowing it, Tinder has hidden your profile from other users. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to fix the mistakes that are holding your account back from more likes under a shadowban.

How Do I Know If I’m Shadowbanned On Tinder?

Worried you might be shadowbanned on Tinder?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure if you’re in the dreaded Tinder jail. But there are a few tests you can use to see if your activity on the dating app is limited.

Invisible profile

When a Tinder user is shadowbanned, their profile won’t show up for other users. Pay attention to your like patterns. Did your match rate suddenly drop significantly?

If you went from unlimited likes to zero matches overnight, that’s a major sign that you’ve been shadowbanned by Tinder.

No message responses

Another way to tell? If users don’t reply to you.

Messages from a Tinder profile that’s under a shadowban won’t show up. If a potential match is ignoring you, there’s a good chance they don’t even know you contacted them.

Community Guidelines warning

But the number one way to tell if you’ve been shadowbanned on Tinder is also the easiest sign to spot: a direct warning from the dating app.

When you violate Tinder’s Community Guidelines, you typically receive a notification that you displayed inappropriate behavior. If that happens, you can safely assume that you’ve been shadowbanned by Tinder.

How Long Does A Tinder Shadowban Last?

No one knows for sure how long a Tinder shadowban lasts. But rumor has it that the punishment is permanent.

So what’s the solution?

You can’t save your Tinder profile. But you can create a new one.

Trash your account and reset your data. You will need all the information associated with your old Tinder app to be totally new.

With any luck, this should solve the problem and lift your shadowban as a new Tinder user.

Tinder Takes Time And Effort

Mastering Tinder’s algorithm takes time and effort: a pretty face and a complete profile aren’t enough to stay on top of the competition.

If you’re getting no likes on Tinder, take a step back and identify if you’re making any of these common mistakes. Chances are, a few simple swaps will elevate your match rate from zero likes to right swipes in no time.

Think your dating platform is in the clear? If you’re still not seeing likes, don’t be discouraged.

And if you are still getting frustrated with Tinder try the quiz over at ROAST as they promise to 10x your matches with profile picture and bio optimisation.

Tinder’s algorithm prioritizes a new user over a profile that’s been in the game for a while. Keep up your online presence, and consider trying different online dating apps.

Who knows? A Bumble profile just might lead you to love.

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